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Rebecca Batchelor

Certified Consultant


My Story

This all started almost a year ago when my friend introduced me to Scentsy at her house! She let me go through the wax bars she had to pick out the one I wanted in her warmer. She then told me that the lady she buys them from sends all of her proceeds to animals in need, from charities, to spca, to small not for profits just trying to make a difference! Once hearing that I was in! I made an order for myself as I saw some super cute Halloween items on sale (my downfall!). Ever since then I’ve been a collector of the scents and have slowly been adding to my warmer collection too!
I ended up winning a prize from a party I attended (on Facebook) and got a sample of some Washer Whiffs. I was a bit skeptical about them at first to be totally honest, but I threw them in the wash as directed with my karate gi’s and then later on with our dog blankets. I was absolutely amazed! Just drying my gi’s in the lounge made the whole lounge smell wonderful! It has really helped with the dog blankets too as sometimes no matter how often you wash them they still smell of dog! With Washer Whiffs it makes you want to just dig your nose right into them!
My next venture was trying out the Car Bar’s! I had a few friends who have had these in the past and they mentioned they were great and lasted a long time, so I decided to buy a 3 pack (to get a discount). I must say, I now ALWAYS have one of these in the car! I love opening the door and smelling citrus, or berries! I’ve had a few people comment about them too!
After about half a year of buying these products for myself, I hosted a party to support Kitten Inn. With the host rewards I received, I was able to purchase my Consultant Starter Kit for FREE! Not to mention a bunch of other goodies too!
And now here I am, trying to start up my own small business selling Scentsy!!

My Favourite Scents